Workshop, bespoke manufacture, styling

Our furniture, made in Europe, is the result of 40 years of expertise. Always developing high standards, it remains in a constant search for new materials. Our models are created in our workshops by master craftsmen with furniture-making skills, offering outstanding quality. We are therefore able to bring you products of highest quality, produced according to all the appropriate norms.

A voyage of discovery

Meeting with the clients

With stylish furniture from 1930s art deco to contemporary furnishings, Bertrand Prestige brings you a vast collection of furniture. Our interior architects produce plans, designs and sketches to create a unique, top-of-the-range world for you. This site study is produced together with mood boards and perspective drawings in order to help you visualise the final overall effect: fabrics, walls, curtains, furniture and lighting. We take care of everything from design to project completion.

Delivery and Installation

Our teams work ship on five continents to ensure your furniture is set up for you. And we also offer our customers a storage and optimal loading facilities for containers with furniture ordered from Bertrand Prestige.

Style and Design

Classic and modern interiors

Since 1965, Bertrand Prestige is the avantgarde of elegant style both in classic and modern furniture.

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